We Can Fix Your Cracked Foundation

Hire us for foundation repair services in the Chesapeake, VA area

If you notice a crack on your home's foundation, don't wait around to schedule repairs. As the crack grows, it can cause your home to shift, leading to serious structural issues. MLB Group, LLC can inspect your property and provide the necessary foundation repairs right away.

We can also replace any walls or pillars that might have been damaged by your shifting foundation. Need to repair your floor joints after a termite problem? We also provide floor joint repairs. Call 757-805-2236 today to schedule foundation crack repair services.

Take good care of your home

Not sure if you need a foundation crack repair? If left unaddressed, a small crack can lead to:

  • Flooring damage
  • Basement and crawl space flooding
  • Damaged pipes and plumbing lines

Don't wait to schedule a foundation repair. Call MLB Group today to set up an appointment in Chesapeake, VA or surrounding areas. Be sure to ask us about our 25-year foundation work warranty. We also offer roof replacement and home inspection services